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Mabro Suits at Angelos Tailoring in Winston-Salem, NCMabro - Angelos is proud to carry Mabro, one of Italy's finest handmade clothing manufacturers. Angelos carries a full line of Mabro suits and sportcoats, but we also carry a collection of 500 swatches for made to measure (at no extra charge). Your custom-made Italian suit can be delivered within 6 weeks of placing your order. Mabro is based in Florence, Italy and produces the mens' couture collections for Prada and Louis Vuitton and several other famous names worldwide.
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We are proud to offer:
Suits Trousers
Jack Victor Berle
Mabro Riviera
H. Freeman Jack Victor
Formal Wear Hiltl
Formal Wear  
  Shoe & Belts
Ties Mezlan
Altea Allen Edmonds
Sweaters Lipsom
St.Croix Knits Kenneth Gordon
Allan Paine  
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